Our mission

Empower companies and investors to make data-driven, sustainable decisions.

What drives us

In the pursuit of a low-carbon future and a successful low-carbon transition we need to take action both to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and scale up impactful climate solutions. The urgency of mitigating climate change demands a comprehensive and informed approach, which makes data-driven decision-making imperative. Crucially, data-driven decision-making empowers companies to set realistic and measurable targets by providing the necessary benchmarks against which progress can be tracked. This not only enhances accountability but also fosters a culture of continuous improvement, propelling us closer to a low-carbon future. This is what drives our mission to empower companies and investors to make data-driven decisions to enable rapid decarbonization and drive capital towards impactful investments.

What we do

MoreScope is a comprehensive climate platform that makes it easier and faster than ever to collect, analyze, and quantify climate data. We provide companies and investors with the tools they need to understand and reduce their carbon footprint and to quantify climate impact. We combine data scientists, software engineers, design thinkers, and sustainability experts to create the best solutions for a broad range of climate quantification needs.

How we started

We got our start as a spin-out company from the private equity world when EV Private Equity partnered with Arkwright Consulting in 2019 to develop a state-of-the-art impact tool. With the help of Eviny Ventures, this idea became the company xIQ. After two years of methodology and software development, the company merged with a spin-out company from the research institute SINTEF and became MoreScope.

Meet the team

Our mission-driven team works to solve climate data challenges by leveraging the latest within technological advancements and sustainability expertise.
Sophie Bruusgaard Jewett


Sheri Shamlou


Markus Øverli


Ulf Johansen


Jonas Aakenes
Product Manager


Kåre M Solvåg
Principal Designer


Ivona Pekaric
Sustainability Specialist


Fridtjof Mollatt
Software Developer


Viktor Berg
Software Developer


Marc Quel
Software Developer


Alex Ares Marin
Software Developer


Martin Steinsland


Adi Jusufović
Climate Analyst


Mersad Dedić
Software Developer


Senad Hadžikić
Software Developer


Mats Alexander Nissen-Lie
Software Developer Intern


We are scaling!

And are looking for talent to join us

If you don't see any open positions for you, that simply means we don't know we need you.

We are looking for talented people with experience in digital product development,
operations, project leads, data specialists and developers.

Contact us any time at hello@morescope.com
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