Your end-to-end emissions management and reporting tool

MoreScope lets you easily and automatically quantify your value chain emissions, build up accuracy and comply with regulations, set science-based targets, and develop emissions budgets and transition plans.

Fast and powerful

The MoreScope algorithm makes it fast and easy to get an overview of your material emission sources. Choose between API integration or file upload of your supplier ledger to get an estimate of your Scope 1-3.

Accurate and transparent

With our hybrid data approach and vast parameter library at your fingertips, it has never been easier to ensure your carbon accounting is complete, accurate and transparent.

Beyond accounting

Our platform is designed to make carbon accounting easier, smoother and more trustworthy, so that you can spend less time reporting and more time on what really matters: reducing your footprint.

CSRD: Our eye is on the future of reporting

Climate reporting is on the verge of a big change. It will no longer be sufficient for companies to offer incomplete data or feel-good stories. The European Sustainability Reporting Standard (ESRS) will demand more quantitative rigour, complete Scope 1-3 inventories, and most importantly, measurable results and transition plans.

Easily get an overview of your material emissions

Build powerful inventories that enable decarbonisation

Set science-based targets

Model the impact of mitigation activities on your decarbonisation journey

Targets grounded in science

Low-carbon transition plan

It's all about the outputs

Emission budget

Materiality assessment

Accurate and complete inventory

“The MoreScope software lowered our threshold significantly to start reporting according to the GHG Protocol.”

Olof Nilsson
Marketing manager

“It is not enough to report on emissions, companies need to make their calculations and gather insights to take action towards emission reduction, for ourselves and for our customers. MoreScope enabled us to do exactly that..”

Simon Hatson
QHSE and Sustainability Director

Company packages

We offer our product as a software subscription and have therefore created packages that cover your needs. If these packages do not suit you, do not hesitate to reach out.

We have layered these packages in tiers, where Tier 1 is suitable for companies who are just getting started.

Any following tier includes of course any previous tiers.

Overview of material emissions

Easily estimate and understand your overall organisational emissions as a first step on your Net Zero journey.

The resulting materiality assessment identifies your largest emission sources, helping you understand where to put in effort to increase accuracy or get started on your Net Zero journey.

Automatic emissions from transactions

Starting with our spend based model gives you an overview of where your climate emissions are, at record speed.
Accounting system integration
Supplier emissions

Guided materiality assessment

Step-by-step approach to assessing your organisational emissions.
Approximate your material emissions
Materiality workshop

Visualise your Net Zero journey

Use our emission estimates to assess your status and how your Net Zero future might look.
Science based emission pathway
Emission forecasting*
*Based on your spend data

Full annual carbon accounting

Our easy-to-use hybrid approach to carbon accounting combines the lightning-speed of our top down emission estimations with the accuracy of activities based reporting.

Use the resulting GHG compliant inventory report internally, share it with your stakeholders or publish it on your website.
Talk to us about Tier 2
Includes Tier 1 offerings

Be compliant

Leverage our vast emission factor library to easily document your activity-based  emissions, and generate reports compliant with the GHG protocol and other major frameworks.
Detailed emission estimations
Automatic GHG protocol compliant report
Transparent and reliable emission factor library
Materiality workshop

Slice and dice

Create a detailed emissions overview of every part of your organisation through MoreScopes labelling system.
Project labelling
Location labelling
Custom labelling

Model your journey to Net Zero

Gain detailed insights to how your actual emissions are trending and can develop, against your science-based decarbonisation pathway.
Detailed emission modelling
Decide when to reach Net Zero and play with scenarios in-line with your sector-specific science-based pathway
Monthly, quarterly and annual emission progress

Complete decarbonisation journey

Our state-of-the art decarbonisation suite enables you go beyond carbon accounting to work on what truly matters; setting science-based targets, planning your activities, and executing on your decarbonisation plan.
Talk to us about Tier 3
Includes Tier 1 & 2 offerings
Decarbonise analysis dashboard

Set science-based targets

Based on your compliant inventory, set short-term and long-term mitigation targets in line with guidance from the Science Based Target initiative.
Absolute targets and intensity target
Sectoral emission pathways
Short-term targets and Net Zero targets that can be validated by SBTi

Create transition plan

Detail how you will reach your science-based target and create a low-carbon transition plan in line with criteria from the European Sustainability Reporting Standard (ESRS E1).
Emission actions and planning
Emission pathway scenarios
Emission budgeting

Decarbonise your organisation

This is where the magic happens. Track results in line with your transition plan and emission budget. Course correct if the organisation gets off track.
Emission benchmarking
Track ongoing progress and report

Differentiate yourself by showing your positive impact to your target market

We help you quantify, validate and document the avoided emissions for your customers.

Guided experience

Be guided through best practices for your avoided emission assessments.
In-app guidance
Case templates
Best practice methodology
Quality assured parameter library
Training and upskilling

Nuanced results

Assess your customer segments and create nuanced assessments of the positive impact you enable, both realised and planned.
Easy-to-use calculator
Forecasting tools
Dynamic baselines
Impact results for customer segments
Advisory services

Avoid greenwashing

Scrutiny of company sustainability stories are ever increasing. We help you stay honest.
Automatic quality checks
Automatic assessment documentation
Third party validation


Starting at 500 €
/ month
Unlimited users
Smaller company
Revenue < 5M €
+ 50 €
/ month
for each portfolio company
Medium sized company
Revenue 50M - 600M €
+ 125 €
/ month
for each portfolio company
Large company
Revenue > 600M €
+ 250 €
/ month
for each portfolio company

Do you have a complex organisation structure?

We know many companies are organised in rather complex structures, or are simply too large for one team to do its whole carbon accounting and develop the low-carbon transition plan.

Therefore we have an offering catering for organisations who require to split up their accounting and delegate responsibilities across its operations - whilst keeping track of the overall picture.

Our platform has everything you need to measure your Net Zero journey

Complete Scope 1-3

Science-based target setting

Emission budget

Library of decarbonisation levers

Forecasting of different decarbonisation scenarios

News and updates from the team
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