Invest with impact

Assess realised, potential and planned impact throughout the investment cycle, from pre-screening and due diligence to stewardship and exit.

Impact due diligence

Our platform allows you to perform high-level screenings of prospects' potential impact, while also allowing you to deep dive into their planned impact during your impact due diligence.

Portfolio roll-up

Choose whether you want to do the assessments or carbon inventories yourself or give ownership to your portfolio companies, and easily aggregate results to portfolio level.

SFDR reporting

With our impact calculator and carbon footprint tool, we make it easy to quantify PAI indicators and substantial contribution from your portfolio.

Assess climate investment opportunities

Understand and document your financed impact

Aggregate emissions and impact across your portfolio

Decarbonise and transition to a low-carbon future

Our work with Project Frame

Project Frame is a non-profit initiative that convenes a large group of investors around forward-looking emissions impact methodology and best practices. MoreScope is a part of Project Frame's Methodology Working Group, helping to develop and standardise key methodology questions to foster transparency and accountability.

Impact management

Portfolio roll-up

It's all about the outputs

Aligned with Project Frame best practices

Realised impact

Forecasted impact

“Partnering with MoreScope on the development of an integrated platform has been a very positive experience. Their flexible approach combined with an agile response has allowed us to implement a product that is both user-friendly and accommodating of our stringent reporting requirements”

Karem Kobayashi
Partner and Head of Responsible Investments

Impact investor packages

We offer our product as a software subscription. For impact investors our impact assessment suite should fit all your needs.

Contact us to discuss your specific needs for your portfolios.

Invest with impact

Assess realised, potential and planned impact throughout the investment cycle, from pre-screening & due diligence to exit.

Guided experience

Be guided through best practices for your avoided emission assessments.
In-app guidance
Case templates
Best practice methodology
Quality assured parameter library
Training and up-skilling

Nuanced results

Assess your customer segments and create nuanced assessments of the positive impact you enable, both realised and planned.
Easy-to-use calculator
Forecasting tools
Dynamic baselines
Impact results for customer segments
Advisory services

Avoid greenwashing

Scrutiny of company sustainability stories are ever increasing. We help you stay honest.
Automatic quality checks
Automatic assessment documentation
3rd party validation

Assess impact of your potential investments

Quickly calculate impact potentials of companies, products or services and compare them to inform your decisions during pre-screening and due diligence.
Perform quick back-of-the-envelope assessments
Score your potential investments against each other
Set emission impact thresholds for your investments
Assess impact against industry benchmarks
Advisory services

Impact aggregation and delegation throughout stewardship and exit

Quantify planned and realised avoided emissions across your portfolio, by aggregating from each company and their offerings. Easily share the responsibilities and tasks of documenting actual impact as they are realised in real-life.
Track and document your realised avoided emissions
Project and aggregate your planned avoided emissions
Generate portfolio-wide documentation for various reporting needs

Quantify your sustainability story

Trust your results with our best-practice guided quality checks and methodologies to document your sustainability stories.
Easily share your results in a secure way with LPs and other stakeholders
Avoided emission assessments, documented in line with thought leaders, Project Frame
3rd party validation


Starting at 500 €
/ month
Unlimited users
Smaller company
Revenue < 5M €
+ 50 €
/ month
for each portfolio company
Medium sized company
Revenue 50M - 600M €
+ 125 €
/ month
for each portfolio company
Large company
Revenue > 600M €
+ 250 €
/ month
for each portfolio company

Our platform has everything you need to quantify avoided emissions

Library of templates

Flexible solution calculators

Rebound- and fleet effect

Forecasted data library

Equity share based impact

News and updates from the team
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