Full release notes of the MoreScope April update

April Release: The First Live Carbon Accounting Tool?

April 22, 2024
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Big news for April! We've recently finished migrating a lot of our processing over to a more scalable cloud service. Expect to see shorter loading times and more stability, especially if you are working with a lot of data. There are many new features included in this update. A new and improved interface for working with your transactions and organise your emissions with labels, and a consolidated view for group/enterprise or fund users. You can now seamlessly synchronise your transaction data from several accounting systems, making MoreScope the first live carbon accounting software!
A new view of your transactions - granularity and labelling

Labels are now a major part of the new transactions flow. Label filtering has been moved to the header, helping you efficiently sort your transactions and emisison sources. We believe that this will give you a better platform in the long run, granting a more organized workflow, not only while processing your transactions, but also when adding activity data and drilling down into your emissions. When you select a label, you will now get an aggregated view in real-time of the emissions associated with this label, both in transactions and in the the emissions overview.

Another new addition to the Transactions tab is the ability to see and manage single transactions. This feature is available at request from enterprise users with specific needs, and allows for a higher granularity throughout the entire process, from managing your emissions to decarbonizing your organization.

New features:

Integrations unlocking new opportunities

We can now synchronize your accounting data, importing transactions in near real-time. Getting the latest accounted transactions seamlessly into your climate accounting eliminates manual dealing with accounting files, and it allows you to track your company emissions and gain insights as you proceed through the year.

We've added several new integrations with MoreScope and you can now upload data from X-Ledger, Power Office, and Azets. Importing transactions is now live and automatic!

Integrate seamlessly with:

  • Azets
  • X-Ledger
  • Power Office
  • and you can as always import a SAF-T file, that is easily exported from any European accounting tools
Consolidated view

A consolidated view giving an insight into the emissions of your entire organization

Many of you have had this available for some time, but it's now available for everyone! As a user with access to several companies, you can now keep track of the emissions from these in one overview. While inside an annual inventory you can simply click on company in the top left corner of your screen, and select the Consolidated view.

A lot of smaller improvements have also been introduced in this release, including:

We are working on a lot of things going forward, notably how we might better help you organize your data, increase accessibility and increase usability of our service. As always we greatly appreciate any feedback you might have on both new additions and old solutions within the software. Don't hesitate to reach out!

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