Full release notes of the large MoreScope November update

November: Carbon removal, inventory analysis, data request survey, activity data importing and avoided emissions 2.0

November 13, 2023
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Our November release is a big one. Our new avoided emissions tool is out of beta, you can remove carbon through our partner Klimate, you can view drill-down analysis on your annual inventories, import activity data directly into your inventories to leverage your existing datastreams, and you can send out consumption data requests out to your colleagues or business partners. With this version we are raising the bar, again.

Remove carbon with our partner Klimate

Secure access to high-quality carbon removal while scaling the industry. Together with our trusted partner you can confidently remove carbon. Access it on the landing page in-app.

We promise to expand on the quantification of the removal you enable soon, by bringing this data directly into your decarbonisation journey and reporting disclosures.

Drill down into your emissions

We have built a light drill-down analysis where you can dig into your completed emission inventories and see how the emissions have evolved over time. From top level all the way down to each emission source, you can see how your consumption are trending and the corresponding emissions.

Seamlessly request consumption data from your colleagues or partners directly from the inventory

Often the person who are responsible to document the emissions are not the one closest to the data. With this feature we have made it very simple for MoreScope users to request consumption data for any emission source they have added in the inventory. Simply create a data request, and share the link with the person you think have access to the most accurate consumption data. In the next version of this, we will try and make it easy to also request emission factors.

Feature list:

  • Generate a data request form with one click, directly at the emission source you are missing data
  • Send the form directly via email, or share a link to the data request form
  • Data request web form accessible to colleagues or business partners, they do not need an account or login
  • Receive an in-app notification as soon as the form has been answered
  • See who answered it, as well as any comments or attachments they may have provided
  • The consumption data the form recipient provided, is automatically inserted into the emission source you requested data for, in your inventory
Leverage your existing data streams by importing activity data or product purchases (in BETA)

This one might sound a bit technical, but what it means is that we have made it easy to fetch and include any activity data you might have already gathered in other systems or dare we say, large excel files. This means that you can now include products, services or activity data together with your transactional data (if you have it), you upload pure activity data.

Furthermore, we are on Azure, which means we can easily set up APIs fetching your data automatically. Of course we still organise your emission inventory and automatically set up your emissions sources according to your datapoints. Please contact us to get an introduction to how to get started with this feature.

Feature list:

Avoided emissions module, now out of beta

We created a more in-depth article about this module here

Feature list:

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