May Release: Label Manager and Read-Only Inventories

May 22, 2024
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Exciting updates for May! Key highlights from this release are our new label manager, designed to streamline inventory customization and make it easier than ever to manage labels; read-only inventories, providing added security during audits and ensuring data integrity by preventing accidental changes; and a revamped flow for 3.3 emissions, offering a smoother and more intuitive experience. We've also added a couple of new integrations and throughout the platform, you'll notice numerous incremental improvements aimed at boosting usability and efficiency within the app.
The Label Manager (Beta)

To further improve organization and customization in your GHG inventories, we have introduced a new tool: the Label Manager. When you navigate to the header to select labels, you'll find our new Label Manager. This tool allows you to seamlessly merge label groups with new and existing labels, rename them, create new ones, or change their types—all within a single view. It's especially useful for those dealing with complex labels imported from accounting systems, providing an easy way to clean up and organize your labels.

The label manager is still a bit of an experiment as we still exploring your wants and needs around around account organization. So, this is just the start for the Label Manager, and we're continually working on enhancements and improvements to make it even more powerful. Stay tuned for updates!

Read-only audit ready inventories

Inventories set to completed are now read-only. You can sort through the inventories' emissions, check emission factors, bookmark transactions and add comments and attachments, but your data will be secure from accidents or tampering. This release also includes an inventory health check, where when changing your inventory from draft to completed, we quickly review your data quality and check for any possible easy-to-make mistakes. You can now feel safe inviting auditors to review and comment on your completed inventories.

Inventory checker.

Major improvements in Scope 3.3 automatizations

We've made significant improvements to the automation of 3.3 emissions. Previously, although still automated, you had limited control over them, they could not be managed intuitively, and it wasn't clear how and when they were updated. With the updated calculations flow, you can now delete and alter them as needed. You will also be notified when a linked transaction is created, and you can now easily toggle between the linked 3.3 emission and the corresponding transaction or emission source in Scope 1 and 2 causing the emissions.

UI Improvements

In this update, you can also expect lots and lots of UI tweaks and enhancements. Notable improvements include an improved overview of your emissions when collapsed, an enhanced bookmark flow, and new tools for detecting easy-to-make mistakes.

Collapsed view, more information and improved bookmark flow

We want to make it easier for you to get an overview of your Scope 1-3 emissions. In this release, we've made several significant improvements in this direction. We've enhanced the information flow for collapsed emission categories, now displaying empty emission sources, transactions, and the number of emission sources in each category.

The same improvements apply to bookmarks. Previously, you had to enter the emission source to see your bookmarked transactions. Now, you can see which categories the bookmarked transactions are placed in at a glance.

Within the actual emission sources, we've also made some visual changes. If we detect potential errors in your data inputs, you'll now see a warning in the top right corner of the emission source. Clicking the warning will highlight where we think the mistakes might have been made. Keep in mind that these might not always be actual mistakes, but we believe it's important to alert you to any possible easy-to-make errors.

Updated guidance and wiki

We've been and are still working on enhancing the guidance within the app. As you navigate through your GHG emissions, we've added frequently asked questions at key locations where you might have queries. Clicking on one of these questions opens the Wiki in the side panel, providing additional information and attempting to answering your questions. In this new side panel Wiki, you can expect to find examples, tips, best practice workflows, and links to further improve your experience with MoreScope and expand your knowledge of carbon accounting, the GHG Protocol, and best practice use of MoreScope.

New integrations

Last but not least, we've added a couple of new integrations since May. We're happy to announce that if you are a customer of RamBase or Tripletex, you can now fully integrate your accounts with MoreScope. This allows for live updates of transactions in your inventory and a much smoother experience while initialy uploading your transactions.

Full list of improvements in the May update
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