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Expand the scope of your climate impact
Climate impact platform for companies and investors. Our data-driven platform allows companies and investors to quantify complete climate impact, carbon footprint and avoided emissions, providing the data needed to decarbonise their value chains and invest with impact.

Data-driven decisions

MoreScope is a powerful platform for quantification of climate impact and other ESG impacts. Quantification is essential for accountability and for driving informed decisions and strategies.

Automated compliance

Our automated and data-driven solutions are rigged to simplify compliance with regulatory requirements, such as ESRS, SFDR and ISSB, in addition to voluntary frameworks like CDP, SBTi, and GRI.

Data transparency

At MoreScope we believe in demystifying climate quantification. That is why we provide our clients with detailed and transparent views of all calculations, sources and documentation throughout the platform.

CSRD: Our eye is on the future of reporting

Climate reporting is on the verge of a big change. It will no longer be sufficient for companies to offer incomplete data or feel-good stories. The European Sustainability Reporting Standard (ESRS) will demand more quantitative rigour, complete Scope 1-3 inventories, and most importantly, measurable results and transition plans.

Impact investors

Quantify and manage climate impact from your existing portfolio and in due diligence processes.


Go beyond carbon accounting and start the decarbonisation journey.

One platform for different needs

MoreScope is tailored to meet the climate quantification needs of impact investors and their portfolio companies, as well as stand-alone companies of all sizes and sectors.

Automated and accurate emission accounting

Methodology trusted by leading impact investors

Decarbonise and transition

Methodology trusted by leading impact investors

It's all about the outputs

... and of course it's about being compliant

Methodology trusted by leading impact investors

Understand your impact

Methodology trusted by leading impact investors

Invest with impact

Both potential and planned
Proudly delivering to

“MoreScope lowered our threshold significantly to start reporting according to the GHG Protocol.”

Olof Nilsson
Marketing manager

“It is not enough to report on emissions, companies need to make their calculations and gather insights to take action towards emission reduction, for ourselves and for our customers. MoreScope enabled us to do exactly that..”

Simon Hatson
QHSE and Sustainability Director

“Partnering with MoreScope on the development of an integrated platform has been a very positive experience. Their flexible approach combined with an agile response has allowed us to implement a product that is both user-friendly and accommodating of our stringent reporting requirements”

Karem Kobayashi
Partner and Head of Responsible Investments
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The importance of avoided emissions

Climate reporting has long been focused on companies’ risks and negative footprints. This is still an important element, but there is a need to broaden the focus to also consider the opportunities. The reality is that, without identifying and supporting companies that enable decarbonisation, we will never reach net zero.
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A diagram showing how avoided emissions are calculated of a new product compared to a baseline

Turn climate analytics into a competitive advantage

Ensure compliance

Do it yourself

Reduce your footprint

Quantify your positive impact

Invest in climate solutions

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