New Avoided emissions tool, do your materiality assessment directly in your carbon inventory, performance enhancements, self-signup, side panel and firt time use guides

Impact assessments are now easier than ever

November 14, 2023
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A new larger update with many of the things we have worked on over the summer, including a new and improved tool for calculating avoided emissions.
Beta Release: New Avoided Emissions Calculator!

We are happy to finally launch a new calculator for Avoided Emission Assessments. Get insight divided into product stages and you can do scenario analysis based on different baselines and product variations. For now this version lives along side the old calculator, but will replace it totally in the near future.

Materiality Assessment

Our GHG Emissions module now include a first step of a Materiality Assessment. Get an overview of what you will report on before starting your carbon accounting.

Performance enhancements

The app now loads faster and can handle more data without long loading times. We will do even more work on performance in the near future, making sure you can handle more transactions than ever before!


Want to test MoreScope with a demo company? Check out this link to create a new company from scratch!

New module: Explore

You can now use the MoreScope algorithm to explore any country-indutry-purchase amount combinations, to see which industry are cleaner than others.

Side panel

We have launched a side panel that will be filled with user guides and a wiki! Some guides are already launched more are to come!

Other small fixes:

Test transaction module with some demo transactions

Small changes to the UI, to make the app feel more uniform and modern

A new common Company/Fund Main Dashboard

Hope you will enjoy the new version of MoreScope, and looking forward to hearing your feedback!

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