In-House Sustainability Teams: A Cornerstone of Modern Business Strategy

November 6, 2023
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In today's business landscape, sustainability isn't just a buzzword; it's a fundamental element that can shape the future of your company. As the global community becomes increasingly aware of environmental and social issues, the pressure on businesses to adopt sustainable practices has never been greater. In this context, the debate between establishing in-house sustainability teams versus outsourcing to consultants or third-party experts is a critical one. This article explores why companies should consider creating and setting up their own in-house sustainability teams supported with the right tools, and why it's essential for integrating sustainability into their core business strategy.
Sustainability as an Integral Part of Business Strategy

One of the most compelling reasons for establishing an in-house sustainability team is that sustainability should not be a separate entity within your organization. Instead, it should be seamlessly integrated into your overall business strategy. When sustainability is outsourced, it often becomes a detached effort, disconnected from the company's core objectives. An in-house team is better equipped to align sustainability initiatives with the company's long-term vision, values, and goals, ensuring that sustainability becomes an integral part of the corporate DNA.

Proximity to Data and Real-time Insights

In-house sustainability teams have a distinct advantage when it comes to gathering and analyzing data. Sustainability efforts rely heavily on accurate data, from tracking environmental impacts to monitoring social responsibility metrics. An in-house team is closer to the pulse of your organization's operations, making it easier to collect real-time data and derive insights. This proximity enables faster responses to emerging sustainability challenges, the ability to tailor initiatives to specific company needs, and the flexibility to adapt strategies as needed.

Identifying Synergies Across Business Functions

Sustainability doesn't exist in a vacuum. It often presents opportunities to enhance other aspects of your business. When sustainability is managed in-house, it becomes easier to identify these synergies and leverage them to create value. In-house teams can collaborate with various departments, such as supply chain, marketing, and product development, to identify areas where sustainability efforts can be aligned with other business functions. For example, optimizing supply chain processes to reduce emissions not only benefits the environment but also reduces costs. Such synergies are more challenging to discover when sustainability is outsourced, as external consultants may not have a comprehensive understanding of your business's intricacies, especially when it comes down to prioritising.

Ownership and Accountability

You own sustainability team fosters a sense of ownership and accountability among your employees. When sustainability is entrusted to external parties, the responsibility often becomes diffuse, with no single entity having a vested interest in its success. In-house teams are invested in the company's long-term success and take ownership of sustainability goals. This sense of accountability drives innovation, transparency, and a deep commitment to achieving targets.

Cultivating a Sustainable Company Culture

Lastly, an in-house sustainability team can play a pivotal role in cultivating a sustainable company culture. Employees see the dedication to sustainability coming from within the organization, which can inspire and motivate them to adopt sustainable practices in their roles. A strong internal sustainability culture can be a powerful asset for attracting top talent and retaining committed employees who share your company's values.

In conclusion, creating and setting up an in-house sustainability team equipped with the right tools is essential for modern businesses. Such a team ensures that sustainability becomes an integral part of your business strategy, leverages real-time data and insights, identifies synergies across functions, instills ownership and accountability, and fosters a sustainable company culture. While consultants and third-party experts have their place, nothing quite compares to the in-house expertise that can drive lasting change and position your company as a true leader in sustainability.

Here at MoreScope we offer a software-suite that enables in-house teams to excel in collecting and documenting emission data with a level of detail that empowers them to make decisions and develop plans that are aligned with business KPIs, while continuously tracking and informing their sustainability strategy while it is being implemented.

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